Well construction
Deepwells are the only source of water supply in Alappuzha district. Scientific marking of location after the study of the aquifer system will result in high yielding wells with good quality of water. From a saturated aquifer if a portion of the water is drawn it will not affect the environment but unscientific tapping of water will result in decline of groundwater table. Rotary drilling rigs are used in the sedimentary area where as D.T.H rigs are used in the crystallines. The topography of Kerala is undulated and it is essential to have borewells in the hilly areas where there is no source of surface water or other water conservation structures. The department has a good team of Engineers and drilling crew who are experienced in the construction of Tube wells, Bore wells, Filter point wells, and subsurface dykes. Advice on rainwater harvesting is also being imparted by the department.