The department is well equipped with Geophysical instruments such as terrameter, aquameter, etc. Digital water level recorders are used for the water level monitoring. Pump test units are available for conducting the pump test to find out the aquifer characteristics. The department has a good team of geologists and geophysicists for taking up any sort of survey and investigation in the state.

The following officers are nominated as the State Public Information Officers to provide information to persons requesting for the information under the "Right to Informatio Act".

1.Superintending Engineer (H.P) : Directorate, Thiruvananthapuram
2. Hydrogeologist – District Office, Thiruvananthapuram.
Hydrogeologist - District Office, Kollam
Hydrogeologist - District Office, Alappuzha
Hydrogeologist - District Office, Thrissur
Hydrogeologist - District Office, Kozhikode
Hydrogeologist - District Office, Kannur
Hydrogeologist - District Office, Kasaragod
Hydrogeologist - District Office, Ernakulam

3. Asst. Exe. Engineer - District Office, Pathanamthitta
Asst. Exe. Engineer - District Office, Kottayam
Asst. Exe. Engineer - District Office, Malappuram
Asst. Exe. Engineer - District Office, Palakkad
Asst. Exe. Engineer - District Office, Idukki
Asst. Exe. Engineer - District Office, Central workshop stores,

4. Junior Hydrogeologist - District Office, Wayanad
5. Executive chemist - Analytical Lab, Ernakulam
6. Executive chemist - Analytical Lab, Kozhikkode
7. Chemist - Office of the chemist, Analytical lab.

Asst. State Public Information Officers
1. Junior Hydrogeologist II              Directorate, Thiruvananthapuram
2. Junior Hydrogeologist                  District Office, Thiruvananthapuram
3. Junior Hydrogeologist                  District Office, Alappuzha
4. Junior Hydrogeologist                  District Office, Kannur
5. Junior Hydrogeologist                  District Office, Pathanamthitta
6. Junior Hydrogeologist                  District Office, Kottayam
7. Junior Hydrogeologist                  District Office, Palakkad
8.Assistant Engineer                       District Office, Kollam
9.Assistant Engineer                       District Office, Kozhikode
10.Assistant Engineer                    District Office, Kasaragod
11.Assistant Engineer                    District Office, Wayanad
12.Junior Geophysicist                   District Office, Thrissur
13.Junior Geophysicist                   District Office, Ernakulam
14.Junior Geophysicist                   District Office, Malappuram
15.Junior Geophysicist                   District Office, Idukki
16.Junior Chemist                          Office of Chief Chemist, Thiruvananthapuram
17.Foreman                                    Central Workshop & Stores, Kollam