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Hydrology Project
water level fluctuation graph
The Hydrology project is a World Bank assisted project. The technical assistance is from the Royal Netherlander Embassy. The consultants of the project is D.H.V Consultants, New Delhi. The main aim of the project is to set up a good database for both Groundwater and Surfacewater. Under the project 304 piezometers are constructed and fitted with Digital water level recorders. The D.W.L.Rs will provide data on water level fluctuation at regular intervals and 8 Full Climatic Stations (F.C.S) are functioning in the state. All offices of the department are computerized. Several softwares are used in the department. Data generation, validation, storage, communication and data dissemination etc are being done systematically in the district data centres, Regional data centres and in the state data Centre. Three laboratories are established the state. Public can get the water samples tested on payment basis.